Hey grad students!

Hope summer is allowing you to catch your breath.


Our new GSA officers are settling in, and we have some summer office hours posted.

Come by and say hi!

Take a look at the new Chartering a Club page, as some requirements have changed.

Enjoy your August.


Hunter Students Studying for finals – Meet in the Sid Miller Student Lounge (Hunter West, 7th Floor) for a soda and snack study break on Friday, May 23rd 12:30 pm to 2:00 pm courtesy of Hunter alum Sid Miller. Mr. Miller will be present so please be sure to thank him for both the snacks and the lounge itself!

Important end of the year dates!

Here are some super important dates for your club to know:

  • May 22nd – Last day to submit an Advance Request
  • June 1st – Last day for club to spend budgeted student activities fees
  • June 12th – Last day for clubs to submit a Check Request
  • June 19th – Last day for clubs to submit a Purchase Order Payment


Let us know if you have any questions!