Conference Travel Reimbursement Awards

The GSA encourages all graduate students to enhance their educational experience by attending academic conferences, and to present on their work. In order to defray some of the costs associated with traveling to conferences, we are proud to offer the Hunter GSA Conference Travel Reimbursement Award.

Students may only receive one award per academic year.

Although we do understand privacy concerns, the College Association will NOT process any awards without the applicant’s CUNY First ID Number or social security number.


(1) Complete and print out the application (ONE SIDED PRINTING ONLY)

(2) Collect all supporting documents: original receipts,  proof of registration/presentation for conference

(4) Drop off in person to the GSA office, Room 209 in Thomas Hunter Hall

****Although you may pay registration fees and transportation costs ahead of time, we additionally need proof that you attended the conference. Therefore, you must attend the conference before you apply.****

Please note that this award does not reimburse for tax, gratuities, memberships, certifications, meals, or car rentals, fuel, or tolls.

Contact us at with any questions.


GSA Conference Travel Reimbursement Award Application 2014