GSA Officers

2016-2017 Officers

President: Meghann Williams |

Meg is perusing an MFA in poetry at the Hunter College English department. She also works as an instructor of creative writing and a secretary in that same department. Originally from Florida, Meg moved to NYC in 2012 to finish her undergraduate degree at Hunter and chose to stick around. She serves on several democratic bodies: the Hunter College Senate, the College Association, and the University Student Senate. Her interests include spicy politix, memes, and baseball (NY-NL).

VP for University Relations: Hieu Dang |

Treasurer: Nicole Parker |

Commissioner for Graduate Organizations: Colin Lentz |

Colin is originally from Massachusetts and currently lives in the Jackson Heights neighborhood in Queens. He is pursuing his Masters of Social Work at the Silberman School of Social Work in East Harlem where he is on the Clinical Work with Individuals, Families, and Groups track. He is also the editor of the Silberman student journal, Voices. Before beginning graduate school, Colin ran a public policy after school program for high school kids from across New York City called the Youth Justice Board, a program of the Center for Court Innovation.

Communications Officer: Cara Fitzgerald |

Office Staff

Dené Rivera-Shanley, GSA Office Manager

Dené is from the Bronx, but has lived in Brooklyn and on the LES, and loves NYC. Her Master’s is in Anthropology, with a focus on the historical archaeology of New York. Her thesis, based on an excavation in Putnam County investigates not only archaeological techniques, but notions of community memory, historical landmarks, and the significance of social space. She has also studied History and Drama. A former GSA treasurer, Dené enjoys the responsibility of helping the GSA office to run efficiently and to encourage students to get the most out of their student activity fees.

Melanie Lozier, GSA Research Assistant

2015-2016 Officers

Carla Crutcher

Kelly Homenick

Jessica Schiffman

Madiha Wasti

Dina Amer

Erik Forman

Aarian Punter

2014-2015 GSA Officers

President:  William Schaeffer

Vice President for University Relations: Claudia Wald

Treasurer:  Nathan Cahn

Commissioner for Graduate Organizations: Milagro Ruiz

Communication Officer: Lauren Cruz

Sustainability Officer:  Brooke Rodriguez