Planning an Event

Once a club is chartered and has had their budget approved, they can start planning events and spending their budget allocation. Please keep in mind that there are still many rules about reimbursement, so make sure you are in compliance before you lay out any of your own money.

There are several steps to planning your event.

1. Student Event Information Form (SEIF)

This form is required for EVERY EVENT!

This is a triplicate form which must be picked up from either the GSA office (TH 209), or the Office of Student Activities (OSA) office (C001HN).

This form has to be signed by:

a) Club president or treasurer

b) President or treasurer of the GSA

c) the Office of Public Safety (WB 122), and

d) the OSA .

The completed form should briefly itemize the event expenditures under “Anticipated Costs.” i.e. $200 for Refreshments…$100 for Speaker, etc.

Bring the completed SEIF and a flier for the event to the GSA to get a signature and have the flier stamped. The GSA has a three-day turnaround time on getting signed forms back to clubs. Please get us the SEIF form as soon as possible.

When Public Safety reviews and signs the form, they will determine whether you will require security for your event. They may generate an invoice for the bill for security for your event. The cost for security is the club’s responsibility, so if your club is planning on hosting a large event, be sure to budget for security costs.

The last signature is from the OSA. The OSA will not sign while you wait, so keep in mind you will have to go back to the office to pick it up. There is a drop off tray in the OSA; place your SEIF, flier, and room reservation (see below) in the tray and sign the book indicating who dropped it off and when.

The OSA will not sign the SEIF without the three signatures, a stamped flier, and a room reservation.

2. Room Reservation

This process can be very simple or quite complicated depending upon what space you are using for your event. If your club is using space which they are contracting for through Central Reservations (CR) , there are many signatures that the CR requires, including those from Public Safety and Facilities. This can be a time consuming process that will take at least a few days to complete.

If your club has its own club space, then you just submit a letter stating that the event is taking place in your club space. If you are using a room in your department, you need a letter from the department stating that you have permission to use the room for the event.

Room reservation confirmation/permission to use space must be submitted with your SEIF.

3. Event Flier

You must create a flier for your event which states the date, time, location, and sponsoring club. Keep in mind that all events funded by Graduate Student Activity Fees must be open to any Graduate Student who wishes to attend.

The fliers must be stamped by the GSA, and a stamped flier must be submitted with your SEIF.

4.  Contracts

You need a contract if you are a) having food or services for an event provided by a vendor,  or b) paying a speaker or performer for your event.

The contract form can be downloaded here:


Contracts must be signed by both the President and Treasurer of the club, as well as the contractor. The club must submit contracts to the College Association (CA) Office (Thomas Hunter 214) for approval.

If the contract is with an individual, a copy of their social security card is required (no exceptions).

If the contract is with a company, the company’s Tax Identification Number is required. An Invoice dated on or after the event must be submitted with the Check Request (see below).

The CA will not accept any contracts if the event is less than 2 weeks away. If for whatever reason, a club does not get the contract to the CA more than two weeks before the event, it can not be submitted until after the event has taken place, and the club must submit a letter explaining why the contract was not submitted before the event.

Your speaker/performer/vendor will not be paid until after the event has taken place. In the case of vendors, an invoice needs to be submitted.

After the event takes place, it is the club’s responsibility to submit a Check Request Form (see below) to the CA  for the speaker/performer/vendor payment to be issued.

5. Advances

There are two ways for you to pay for non-vendor items for your event:

a) A club member or members can lay out the money and then submit a request for reimbursement, or

b) A club officer can request an advance for the money from the Business Office.

In order to request an advance, you must fill out the “Advance Request (Other Than Travel)” form.  The Advance Form can be downloaded here:

Advance Request

The CA will not accept any advance requests if the event is less than 2 weeks away.

Club officers can request up to $500 for costs relating to their event.

A club officer can request only one advance at a time, but more than one officer from a club can request an advance simultaneously.

The Advance Request Form must be signed by the officer getting the advance and another club officer. The form is  then submitted to the CA office, along with:

a) a copy of the completed and signed SEIF

b) a copy of the stamped flier

c) a Check Request form (see below)

Please write the phone number of the person getting the advance on the Advance Request Form.

When your check is available, you will be contacted by phone, and you can then pick up your check in the business office.

Hunter is a tax exempt organization. Make sure to bring a copy of the Tax Exempt form with you and present it to the cashier or store manager. You will not be reimbursed for any tax paid on purchases.

Tax Exempt Form

After you have made your purchases, you must submit all original receipts to the business office. If there is any balance between the amount of the advance and the receipts, the money must be returned to the business office. They will prepare a deposit slip which goes to the Bursar with the leftover money.

If you do not submit receipts and/or return the balance owed within 2 weeks after the event, there will be a hold placed on your account. You will not be able to register for classes or request transcripts until the matter is settled.

6. Check Requests

Check Request forms are required for all payments and reimbursements.

The form can be downloaded here: Request for Check/Voucher

The Check Request form requires that the payee’s name, address, phone number and social security number be filled in.

The form must be signed by the club president or treasurer. A club officer may not sign a check request for themselves.

The Account Name is the name of the club, and each club has an account number. If you don’t know your club’s account number, you can look it up in the CA office.

The tables at the bottom of the form are for the Business Office.

In the body of the form, the check request must indicate what the check is for, and what budget line the funding is coming from. i.e. Line 1: Refreshments for Spring Mixer.

A separate Check Request Form is required for each budget line.

The completed Check Request Form must be submitted to the CA along with:

1. Original receipts showing method of payment. Receipts need to be taped to a sheet of white paper.

2. A copy of the SEIF for the event.

3. A copy of a flier for the event stamped by the GSA.

You can download the CA’s checklist here:

CA Submission Check List

As you can see, planning an event is a process which takes time.

It’s never too soon to start your paperwork!

Expect glitches and delays, and be prepared for them.

The GSA, CA, and OSA do whatever we can, but we are all bound by policies and regulations set out by CUNY, so keep that in mind as we work together to help your club sponsor successful events.